Friday, August 17, 2007

I Want Thy Will

butterfly perched on a flower

I was looking through my files, and found this poem I wrote back in the spring. I could have just as easily written it about now, and I was challenged afresh to leave all on the altar and trust the Father's hand.
Thy will, O Lord, Thy way, Thy time -
Thus is the prayer my heart would make
To ask for else, I would not dare
Thou knowest best the way I take.

Thy will, O Lord, is what I want
My eyes, they cannot see ahead
A veil is thrown across in love
And so I trust what Thou hast said.

Thy way, O Lord, is always right
For ‘tis the only path that’s sure
And as Thou leadest onward still
Oh, keep me trusting, keep me pure.

Thy timing, Lord, is always best
Please teach me patience day by day
Ahead of Thee, I would not run
For I would that Thou led the way.


  1. I came across your blog when searching for the verse that you have displayed in your banner, and I was struck by the title: "Strength in Quietness". That's a wonderful gift that can be explained only to those who have discovered its profound truth!

    So, just a word of encouragement to you, that the God of all peace may continually quiet your heart. It's a beautiful thing when we throw ourselves completely into His arms and allow Him to comfort, to guide us, to wrap us in His love. To rest, to abide...that's what it means to walk in the Spirit, and in that letting go He brings forth much fruit through us.

    Be encouraged! Remain strong in the faith.

  2. Your blog is really inspiring! I love writing poetry too! That was such a good poem!
    God bless! Come visit my blog!