Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Blessing of Correction

"Happy is the man whom God correcteth." (Job 5:17)

I read the following quote on a friend's blog a little while ago. It really encouraged me, and I hope you, too, will find a blessing in it!

Happy, because the correction is designed to bring him into paths of blessedness and peace.
Happy, because there is no unnecessary severity in it.
Happy, because the chastisement is not so much against us, as against our most cruel enemies—our sins.
Happy, because we have abundant words of consolation.
Happy, because whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth.
Happy, because our light affliction is but for a moment.

—George Bowen

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  1. Last year was the year I learned to "embrace" correction and realize that it really was for my own good. Correction brings me closer to the Lord... and farther away from myself and my sins. And yes, it's worth it, as hard as that is to say or even believe at times.
    Beautiful photo there....

    Love ya,