Friday, May 29, 2009

The Path of Slothfulness

"The wise man ... knows that
the sluggard is no freak,
but, as often as not, an ordinary man
who has made too many excuses,
too many refusals
and too many postponements.
It has all been as imperceptible,
and as pleasant,
as falling asleep.

—Derek Kidner
[Commentary on] Proverbs (IVP, 1964), p.43


  1. Hey there! I came across your blog after reading comments on YLCF. Great Proverb you shared.

    Feel free to stop by my blog.

  2. Was that Elise in the photo, lying on the wood floor? How can I become a follower of your page? I couldn't find a link for that. Did you know we have Matthew's glove and bat? How could we get it back to you all?

  3. Elise is sleeping on the floor! :)
    Thanks for sharing; a lot of wisdom there!

  4. Jeriah, there's now a "Follow" button on the sidebar you can click. :)