Thursday, February 17, 2011

Never Dropped You Once

Did you ever play on the swing as a kid?

Higher and higher you'd go, closing your eyes and grinning as the wind swept across your face, when you heard a voice in front of you, calling your name.

It was your daddy. "Jump," he'd beckon, holding out his arms. "I'll catch you."

There was never a question of whether he would.

It was safe to let go of the ropes with daddy waiting there, safe to jump when he called,

I'll catch you.

It was perfect security, knowing daddy loved you, that he'd never once dropped you.

Not once.

A few years have passed since then. You're all grown up now, trying to make decisions, maybe kind of worried. Then you hear a voice calling.

It's your Father. "Jump. I'll catch you."

His arms are up to the challenge. He's strong, and He's had a lot of practice. When He calls to you, telling you to jump, you can trust Him.

He will catch you.

After all, He loves you.

And He's never dropped you once.