Sunday, February 18, 2007

Be Still, My Anxious Heart

Be still, my anxious heart, and rest-
Thy Saviour will supply thy need;
Gives He, who loves thee, aught but best?
Be still, my anxious heart, and rest.

Be calm, my fearful heart, be still-
Thy soul the Shepherd well doth feed;
I trust my future to His will;
Be calm, my fearful heart, be still.

Take rest, my weary soul, and trust;
In pastures green the Shepherd leads;
He knows our frame - we are but dust-
Take rest, my weary soul, and trust.

Be filled, my longing heart, with Him;
Oh, His is love, yes, love indeed;
The cares of earth will soon grow dim-
Be filled, my longing heart, with Him.


  1. Amen. =) Very like a 19th century hymn.

  2. thanks for sharing that, Marissa.

  3. Hi Marissa

    Let me tell you a story about today. I have been without work for months and today I went to an interview in Chichester, West Sussex, UK for a senior role with the Local Authority.

    Afterwards, I felt the need to spend some time with God and as the beautiful Chichester Cathedral was just 5 minutes walk away I went there. I approached the door and lo and behold, the Pastor from a sister church of mine in Worthing(18 miles away) was at the door (he works as a Chaplain there one day a week). I explained what I was doing there and he prayed over me.

    I went in and sat down and immediately felt the presence of God. I was in turmoil after my interview. Yes, it had gone well but I really need the job.

    A sense of peace pervaded me and an inner voice said, "Be still, be calm, rest in me.."

    I prayed over this for 45 minutes, repeating this phrase - and when I got home I looked it up on the internet, thinking it might be Biblical.

    It isn't, in that form - but your wonderful poem came up with almost the same words and sentiment.

    I am waiting today for the call to come to find out whether I have the job. But the message of your poem and the words that God gave me mean that I can rest easy in him, good or bad news.

    God Bless