Monday, February 05, 2007

The Reason Why

The cares of life o’erwhelm my heart
O’erhead a threat’ning sky
My Father feels my deep distress
And knows the reason why.

When all I know comes crashing down
And I just want to cry
I can run to Father’s arms
He knows the reason why.

The strain is much, the pressure great
The heat is turned on high
My Father is Refiner, too
He knows the reason why.

It comes by pain, but needful, yes
My will must fully die
And I will trust my Father’s heart
He knows the reason why.

When I can see Him face to face
In that sweet by and by
He’ll take the veil from off my eyes
And show the reason why.

Written April 2006


  1. Ah, How Good God is! This is ...exactly what I needed.

    This week has been trying, to say the least, but praise Him, that "He Knows the Reason why"... :)