Friday, November 20, 2009

I Wait

So I haven't posted many of my own thoughts here lately... but the quotes, lyrics and verses I have been sharing is always some glimpse of what's on my heart. Sometimes there just isn't anything to say that someone else hasn't already captured with much more clarity and wisdom than I can. One preacher put it like this, "I never have an original thought; I'm just a walking quote." 
I am working on a few things literary, but I'm not sure when/if they will be finished or if they will be posted. But, read on. Elisabeth Elliot's writing has been such an encouragement to me over the years, and I trust you will be blessed by it as well!

I wait.
Dear Lord, Thy ways
Are past finding out,
Thy love too high.
O hold me still
Beneath Thy shadow.
It is enough that Thou
Lift up the light
Of Thy countenance.
I wait—
Because I am commanded
So to do. My mind
Is filled with wonderings.
My soul asks, "Why?"
But then the quiet word,
"Wait thou only
Upon God."
And so, not even for the light
But for Thee, dear Lord,
I wait.

Passion & Purity, p. 72
(c) 1984, 2002 by Elisabeth Elliot


  1. And so, not even for the light, But for Thee, dear Lord, I wait.

    I *love* that quote. It has blessed me countless times!

    And I can strongly echo your first part about a walking quote. I've felt much the same way lately, and my blogging, particularly since July has been such. Perhaps my original writing streak will return sometime. For now, I feel content to sit, listen, and soak in God's Word and the words of some of the mighty men and women who have walked closely to Him.

  2. Elisabeth Elliot's writings have been an immense encouragement to me over the years. Particularly the past 2 years. I want to own all her books eventually and I think we're getting close :)

    I've oft wondered how people who don't have the Lord can wait. I know I couldn't do it without Him!